Fancy Lad Adventures

Loot 9/4/11

All sorts of backlogged loot and XP. This might bump you guys up to level 11, in which case you’ll need to do some big thinking about your characters destinies…

  • 1840XP each
  • 2220GP each
  • Circlet of Mental Onslaught (Adventurer’s Vault, page 139)
  • [Level 14 Magic Item]: Displacer Armor +3 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 44 [Armor])
  • [Level 14 Magic Item]: Diamond Wand +3 (Adventurer’s Vault 2, page 49 [Wands])
  • [Level 13 Magic Item]: Robe of Defying Flames +3 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 49 [Armor])
  • [Level 13 Magic Item]: Briartwine Armor +3 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 43 [Armor])
  • [Level 12 Magic Item]: Sunleaf Armor +3 (Player’s Handbook, page 231 [Magic Armor])
  • [Level 12 Magic Item]: Symbol of Divine Force +3 (Adventurer’s Vault 2, page 29 [Holy Symbols])
  • [Level 11 Magic Item]: Healer’s Sash (Adventurer’s Vault, page 166 [Waist Slot Items])
  • [Level 11 Magic Item]: Clearsense Powder (Adventurer’s Vault, page 26 [Alchemical Items])



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