The cutest half-orc in the Nentir Vale


Sylvia was born in a half-orc settlement, just to the north of a major city. Sylvia’s clan was very set in its traditions: Men traveled the country side raping and pillaging small towns while the women stayed home to pillage the nearby city. But Sylvia longed for adventure. Even as a wee half-orc, she tried to sneak away in her father’s bags, disguising herself as a walking stick or a sack of potatoes. All her attempts at travel and adventure were thwarted by her unusually perceptive older brother, Tony.

Sylvia only had one chance to get what she wanted. When she was sixteen, she traveled into the nearby city and paid a small fortune to some banditos who, in turn, kidnapped Tony and took him far, far away. Now free to sneak into her father’s luggage undetected, Sylvia took the first chance she got to stow away.

Sylvia is short, even for a half-orc, and she is uncommonly cute. So while it was easy for her to hide among the luggage, it was not easy for her to blend in to the marauding men. On the first outing off the boat, Sylvia was discovered by the men of her clan. While they continued their raping and pillaging, her father took her back to the boat for a good scolding. Once she admitted to having Tony kidnapped by banditos, Sylvia’s father decided his only course of action was to banish his only daughter. He returned to the city the next day, hoping to hunt down the banditos and save Tony. Sylvia was sent away, now unwelcome among the tribe that had always been her family.

With no home, no friends, and no family, Sylvia roamed the Nentir Vale, until she happened about a group of adventurers willing to take her on.

Sylvia enjoys hunting, killing, horse-back riding, and long walks on the beach.


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