Fancy Lad Adventures

Heading Out

You decide to get an early start to what will be a long day riding in a wagon. The streets are fairly quiet this morning but your departure is noted by some of the artisans who start their business with the rising sun. Your cloak does little to warm you as the morning mist seems to creep between the folds of fabric and any armor you wield.

Heading south a short ways and then east, you pass through neighboring farms, the rich loamy smell of turned soil waking your further. Birds sing, animals are out to pasture, and the world is waking up. The tops of tress from the forest just break the horizon and still the forest looms large in the distance.

Besides a short rest for brunch nothing interrupts your ride. Even though this is well settled country, once you leave the last of the farms behind you see very little activity on the road. The King’s Road which connects Fallcrest to Harkenwold has not been a particularly busy stretch in the last few years so it was actually thought to be fairly safe. With so little activity it was believed there wasn’t enough to draw the attention of bandits.

The sun reaches almost the middle of the sky as you reach the edges of the forest and so far you have seen no sign of the missing supplies. You’re starting to think there’s no point in this trip other than to spend the day jostling on your rump when you notice a set of wagon ruts leading off to the south and into the woods.

Following what appears to be the same path a previous wagon took, the trees seem to curl around forming a small clearing invisible from the road and only obvious as you approach. Scattered here in the clearing is what remains of the wagon and its supplies, scattered to the ground as though hurriedly searched.

You hear a snap of twig further to the south, and some voices. As you turn to see the source of the sound you notice a widening in the trees where it appears someone has dragged something deeper into the woods. Branches lie broken on the ground and the ground appears to be recently disturbed.

XP as of 2/9/11


Loot 2/9/11
  • 565XP each
  • 1374GP each
  • [Level 12 Magic Item]: Armor of Resistance +3 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 41 [Armor])
  • [Level 11 Magic Item]: Totemic Belt (Adventurer’s Vault, page 167 [Waist Slot Items])
  • [Level 10 Magic Item]: Lightning Weapon +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 235 [Magic Weapons])
  • [Level 9 Magic Item]: Shimmering Armor +2 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 51 [Armor])
The Smoke Clears

With the departure of Grayamat on his mount, and the defeat of the dragonborn paladins, a sense of quiet and calm fills what remains of Kamroth’s estate. The looming cloud cover which brought the storm of Tiamat’s servants has broken up just as quickly as it appeared. Grayamat’s beacon no longer mocks the dragon queen, and as Grayamat wears the necklace that cancelled out his presence in the aether, it seems she can no longer thinks he is in Fallcrest.

Dawn creeps over the eastern edge of the city walls and as the day breaks you catch your first glimpse of the devastation the night has brought. Black smoke drifts from ruined homes, inns, and gatehouses. In the days ahead you will learn that the greatest numbers of casualties were those in the Blue Moon Alehouse, the Lucky Gnome Taphouse, and the Silver Unicorn Inn which burned to the ground. As the population of Fallcrest swelled to over 2200 during the festivities, approximately 400 people lost their lives due to the fire, were trampled in the panic, or were killed by Tiamat’s servants. 20 members of the 60 strong town guard were killed by the barrels delivered to the guards at the gatehouses. Fortunately, only two dozen buildings total were lost in the conflagrations, among them the barracks of the town guard located at Moonstone Keep.

But Fallcrest is a city that is familiar with attacks against its walls. Without hesitation, Faringray called to duty the almost 350 members of the town militia and, with the aid of hundreds of able bodied citizens, work began almost immediately to restore Fallcrest to its glory. Stone is put back into place, walls are raised, and people begin the process of rebuilding.

One part of town that is quietly ignored, at least for now, are the catacombs where Grayamat was imprisoned. The path that leads to them has been blocked off and a sturdy wooden gate assembled at the mouth of the cave. Although there remains a gash in the rock face where part of it was blown out, the people seem more than happy to ignore its new scar. You have spent time examining the remains of the eidolons with Faringray, Nimozaran, and the temple priests but if they and the cave hold any more secrets they aren’t sharing.

Unsurprisingly, the Nentir Inn was unscathed during the attack. As Zemoar is no longer running things, the Inn now serves as the temporary command center for rebuilding the city while Kamroth’s estate acts as the new barracks for the guard; it’s many rooms serving as barracks, cells, and storage. One of your first duties during the rebuilding was to recover Faringray’s magical chest from the remains of his office. As thanks for that and your efforts to protect the town he requisitions several of the rooms in Kamroth’s home as your personal quarters.

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay is also happy to give you thanks and praise you for your efforts during the attack, proclaiming you Champions of Fallcrest (a title you may add to your name). With it he gifts you with magic items and treasure from his personal collection. A feast and day of celebration is held in your honor, raising the spirits of the citizenry and, subsequently, boosting membership in the town guard as some see your path as a means to greatness.

In all, two months pass during which time you rest and recover, stand watch, and assist in the rebuilding efforts. It is on one of these low key days when you find yourself returning to your familiar duties patrolling the Upper Quays as town guard (really for appearances sake, but also to assure the citizenry that they are safe) that you’re stopped by Amara Azaer of the House Azaer trading company, and Lannar Thistleton from the Fallcrest Stables.

“Ah, there you are, Champions and protectors of Fallcrest. So good to see you,” calls the friendly Lannar. “We were told we could find you on this route. And how does the day greet you, fine warriors?” Amara rolls her eyes at Lannar’s superfluous opening. “Lannar, get to it. I have business elsewhere today and I’m sure they’ve heard enough prattling of their deeds.” Lannar, caught off guard by the abruptness of his companion stutters. “Oh, uh, yes I…sorry. Business…” “The wagons,” offers Amara. “Yes, the wagons. We’ve had some wagons go missing, running supplies here from Harkenwold to the East. They had been coming by the King’s Road through the Harken Forest unmolested in the last month and then suddenly…silence.” “The last run is already two days late,” Amara continues, “And business is not so grand around here that any of us can afford to pay for lost supplies.” “Yes, lost supplies,” Lannar echoes. “So Captain Faringray suggested we speak to you and ask if the Fancy Lads, oh, and Lady,” he gestures to Kapsa, “Could travel the King’s Road to see what can be found. You would be doing the citizens of Fallcrest a great duty, once again acting as its champions…” “I think they get it, Lannar,” interrupts the Tiefling. She hands you a map and details of the supplies. “This should help you find your way if you don’t know it already. Oh, and Emere, good call dropping the dragonborn. You lot probably wouldn’t be too popular with a scale brain following you around these days.” She turns to Lannar. “Alright you, back to work. I’ve got tack to sell you.” Amara drags Lannar off, returning to their business and leaving you to plan your journey.


  • 565XP each
  • 1374GP each
  • [Level 12 Magic Item]: Armor of Resistance +3 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 41 [Armor])
  • [Level 11 Magic Item]: Totemic Belt (Adventurer’s Vault, page 167 [Waist Slot Items])
  • [Level 10 Magic Item]: Lightning Weapon +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 235 [Magic Weapons])
  • [Level 9 Magic Item]: Shimmering Armor +2 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 51 [Armor])
XP as of 2/2/11


The End of Fallcrest Days

You notice an eerie silence and calm as you approach the Kamroth estate. While elsewhere in town the citizenry run for safety and endeavor to free trapped neighbors, there appears to be no activity on the grounds aside from the white beam of light projected skyward from the rear of the home.

The foyer of Kamroth’s home explains the lack of activity outside as the bodies of roughly a dozen guards lie dead on the floor. As you examine the scene you hear voices coming from within Kamroth’s treasure room at the end of the hall.

As you come around the side of the house to inspect the source of light your boot stops as you feel your toe hit a brick laying in pieces on the ground. From your angle you realize that the entire corner of the room has been blown out and much of the roof has settled in a blast pattern at the rear of the yard. You hear voices and the hum of static discharge.

“I’m sorry master, we had to move the time line up and we had yet to locate the blade.” You see Erandil Zemoar kneeling before a thin, wiry figure examining a treasure case as he holds a sphere in his hand. Shapes and images, too small to see clearly at this distance swirl in the globe. He wears nothing but a loin cloth and a fine layer of dust. In his other hand dangles a necklace. He could easily be mistaken for a fasting priest.

“It’s alright; you tried your best and failed. But I assure you, the blade will be brought to me once again.” He drops the globe and it shatters, discharging magical energy. “But you will have to be punished for your failure.” As he says this he quickly reaches into Zemoar’s cloak and removes the obsidian dagger he wore at his belt.

“Oh, I do believe we have some guests. Please do come in.” Entering the treasure room you can clearly see suspended in the beam of light is Kamroth, or at least you’re pretty certain it’s him. There is subtle movement as his face seems to contort and change from Kamroth’s to that of the man standing before you.

“Oh that,” he notices you looking at Kamroth’s limp form. “That’s a little something for Tiamat. Just to keep her busy thinking I’m still here. I’m just waiting for my ride but once I’m gone I’d like to throw the scent, as it were. And who might you all be?”

“Well, it is your pleasure to meet your new king, ruler, god…whatever you choose. Will you serve me better than Zemoar?”

Suddenly two bolts of energy strike the ground before you and in that moment two dragonborn appear bearing the seal of Tiamat. “Ahhh, good. She sends me gifts.” Chuckles Grayamat. They both turn to see Grayamat standing before him. “Defiler.” They growl. Before they can strike Grayamat holds up his hand a blast of energy strikes both. At first they resist, locked in place, when you notice that the symbols of Tiamat they wear twist and fade to that of Grayamat. “Now, that’s better. That’s a tough trick to pull off, but I’ve had it saved up for a while. Too bad eidolons don’t break so easily. Now…let’s have some fun.”

What remains of the roof collapses as a huge shape drops down into the treasure room. A grey dragon, all muscle and threat, stands before you. “I have answered your call, Lord Grayamat.” A dull rumble escapes its chest. “Would you have me destroy these humans?” A weakened Grayamat pulls himself up and onto the dragons back. “No Caustrex, not today. This is no longer amusing and I have other matters to attend.” Grayamat places the necklace, the one you had previously stolen from Zemoar, around his neck and you feel a sudden absence of power in the room. The grey dragon coils back on its haunches and launches skyward leaving you in the wreck of Kamroth’s home.

Loot 2/2/2011

Hi all-

Loot for the previous session:

  • [Level 12 Magic Item]: Flesh Seeker +3 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 69 [Weapons])
  • [Level 11 Magic Item]: Dragonrider Armor +3 (Dragon 365, page 55 [Bazaar of the Bizarre])
  • [Level 10 Magic Item]: Gauntlets of Brilliance (Adventurer’s Vault, page 133 [Hands Slot Items])
  • [Level 9 Magic Item]: Loamweave Armor +2 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 47 [Armor])
  • 1374GP each
  • 640XP each
  • short sword
  • scale armor x2
  • greatsword x2
  • broken obsidian dagger with “VII” engraved in the hilt
  • various broken antiques and magic items related to different gods, items that no longer have any value due to their condition
Level 8

Total XP: 13545

Fireworks over Fallcrest

As you emerge from the open mouth of the catacombs, your senses return to the chaos. Fires burn, panicked citizens run aimlessly, screams of terror are answered by ad hoc bucket brigades and Samaritans clearing the rubble of fallen homes. Fallcrest is used to attacks but the festivities have caught them off guard and unprepared this evening. Even you start at secondary explosions off in the distance, no doubt from stores of flammables igniting in the conflagrations.

A distant rumble draws your eyes upward to a quickly swirling mass of clouds above the city. It could be a trick of the light, but as lightning flashes behind the roiling clouds they seem to take on the shape of dragon heads on thick muscular necks clashing and breaking in the vortex. Even the rocks take notice as the chunk of what used to be an Eidolon briefly glows and buzzes in your hand as if responding to the storm.

That’s when the lightning, that was only moments ago at home in the clouds, dives to the earth below. Five massive bolts strike random points throughout the city, the closest just at the top of the thin trail leading you from the catacombs to the upper quay.

As you round the corner, a mix of screams and snarls come from the panicked crowd flowing out of the street. People are fleeing towards you as a large dragonborn, its beaten and sharp armor bearing the symbol of Tiamat, wrestles with a pair of leashed drakes, their necks straining at the heavy chains. He stands in a shallow depression, the ground still smoking from the release of primal energy. Above them four flying creatures dive at the crowd. It hits you that they appear to be some sort of nightmarish hunting party.

The dragonborn quickly takes notice of the only people in the crowd not running from his chained pets. “They have released the defiler,” he screams in a rocky voice. “They make a trophy of the guardians. Destroy them!”

Just as the battle starts…

As one of the abishai prepares to bomb you from above its knocked off course by a blast of energy. “Stand fast Fancy Lads! Prepare to defeat some bad guys!” echoes around you as several members of the Gnome Liberation Front appear on a nearby roof and join the fray.

The last of Tiamat’s servants falls and the GLF begins to take their leave. “We have other matters to attend to in Fallcrest this evening, but your help this day will not be forgotten. Brave Fancy Lads, this day you are honorary members of the GLF. We will get you your membership packs and club cards before the next full moon. Assuming Gary hasn’t lost all of the membership kits. Gary.” And with that the GLF disappear in a puff of smoke bombs and knocked over trash cans.

The clouds above still roil and the city still burns around you. As you reseat your armor and clean the blood from your weapons, ready to move to the next emergency you are momentarily dazed as a beam or bright white lights blasts from the roof of a nearby home, piercing the clouds above. Although obscured by the smoke of small fires and the roofs of neighboring structures, you’re certain it came from the direction of Kamroth’s home.

Loot 1/19/2011

Hi gang-

Loot for the last session is as follows:

  • 410XP each
  • 1050GP each
  • scale armor (adorned w/ symbol of Tiamat)
  • greatsword
  • [Level 11 Magic Item]: Augmenting Whetstone (Adventurer’s Vault, page 190 [Consumables])
  • [Level 10 Magic Item]: Caustic Whetstone (Adventurer’s Vault, page 190 [Consumables])
  • [Level 9 Magic Item]: Skyrender Weapon +2 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 78 [Weapons])
  • [Level 8 Magic Item]: Hellfire Wand +2 (Adventurer’s Vault, page 109 [Wands])

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