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You're hired!
Goat Trouble

Returning to Fallcrest with the prisoners in tow, Faringray is alerted by the guards of your approach and meets you at the gates to the city. He chuckles as the party approaches.

“Well, I didn’t honestly expect to see you lot again. Consider me impressed.”

The captain of the guard has a look on his face of honest surprise and, you’re not certain but, maybe even a little bit of pride. As he eyes up your prisoners he approaches Roderick. Faringray tugs on the Fallcrest town guard tabard Roderick recovered from one of the fallen guards.

“Maybe you’ve even earned these tabards you’re wearing. Follow me, I think we’ve got some business to discuss.”

Faringray leads the Fancy Lads through Fallcrest and as he does so, Gary notices more than casual glances at the sack carrying the gold skull, but none of the villagers appear to be actual threats. You all know that the skull calls out to those with an inclination to commit evil, but these glances appear to be nothing more than commoners who may feel that little tug of evil on their consciences.

After walking a short while the party arrives at what serves as the headquarters of the guard. While the prisoners are being checked in and the reward is being counted out, a noisy complaint is overheard coming from a local farmer. He can’t seem to understand why the guards are doing nothing about some of his goats going missing and his fence being busted. Gary gets a good earful of this before the farmer, McMurray, storms out of the building.

Faringray calls you all into his office and offers you seats.

“So…tell me what happened.”

The story doesn’t take long and once again you all see Faringray is impressed, although he becomes concerned when the golden skull is broken out on placed on his desk.

“Hmmm…” Faringray say, almost to himself. “I had heard rumors of this skull being somewhere in the area but didn’t think anyone was looking for it. I guess Vanamere or Lethion had recovered it years ago and kept it locked away in the tower. My understanding is that a demon is trapped in the skull and it must have been calling out to those bandits who killed my men.”

Faringray stands as he speaks and walks over to a mundane chest in the corner of the room. Moving a few items out of the way and then speaking a short incantation the chest opens to reveal a small collection of items, all of which are magical.

“This should be safe in here for now. We’ll have to find someplace better to keep it in the future though.”

Impressed by your performance, Faringray proceeds to make you all an offer to serve as part of the Fallcrest guard. He notes it won’t be too glorious, but it’ll be a chance to put some of your adventuring skills to work when you’re not out and about in the wilderness. Plus, it makes up for the lackluster recruits that came from the town’s population. The job includes as a perk a 10% discount on all items found in town (players can roll on magical items to see if they can talk down the price further).

Seeing this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves, the Fancy Lads agree and become official members of the town guard. Faringray gives all of you tabards with the Fallcrest seal and puts you to work immediately. As you overheard on the way in, Farmer McMurray is having problems with his goats. Then there are reports of strange people running around the city at night making trouble. Finally, Faringray mentions that the blacksmith was expecting a packing, some dragon scale, that never arrived and could indicate trouble outside of town.

Making the most exciting choice possible, the Fancy Lads decide to check out Farmer McMurray and his goats…

A Brief History of Roderick Van Neussen
Where it all began...

A boy of diminutive size and prodigious appetites, Roderick van Neussen grew up mostly happy and very well fed. In a somewhat remote marshland to the south, known affectionately as The Crannog, Roderick spent his early years chasing lizards and running away from larger lizards in his swampy village.

His mother was a matriarch of the village and his house was always bustling with the local children, all buzzing about the kitchen, hoping for a sweet treat fresh from the oven. Growing up around so many other children, Roderick quickly became adept at making fast friends and learning how to handle people’s attitudes and behavior.

As time went on and Roderick grew a little older, he began to learn the family trade of baking and took to it immediately. It became commonplace for Roderick to wander the village, his jerkin powdered with fine white flour, and smudges of caramel or cream on his face. “A man with a full oven finds he has many friends,” his mother always told him, and he found it to be true.

In addition to his natural talents for cookery, his uncle (a master loutist) had shown him the ways of the Lute, and urged him to play his own songs for his own reasons, and oft exclaimed that the boy had quite a talent for creation. He had even begun to school young Roderick on how to use his gnome-born fey magics to conjure and create with his song. The first thing he had taught him was how to conjure a familiar. Roderick had conjured a small Rat-Lizard he affectionately named Finnigan, and imbued the little reptile with all he knew of cooking. He and Finnigan eventually opened a small pastry shop called “Just Desserts!” and lived quite comfortably.

But as time wore on, Roderick became bored with the same pastries day in and day out. By the time he was in his early 20s, he had baked, souflee’d, roasted, poached and iced every possible combination of flavors that were available to him in The Crannog, including his oft-remembered and much-maligned “Rat-Lizard Surprise”, which to this day he still blames on Finnigan.

His only respite from the mundanity of desserts came once a year during the Moon Frog Festival, when traders and craftsmen from around the region to sell their wares. He looked forward to the festival with the giddy tirelessness that most children show when awaiting their Naming Celebration at age 13. And that’s what the festival was for Roderick, a chance to come of age again, and learn more of the world outside his hometown, and experience the vast variety of flavors and combinations that might tantalize his underused palate.

Finally, one year he decided that when the festival rolled through The Crannog, he’d go with it, and see what else was out there.

In order to insert himself into the Fesival, he’d need to find someone that would take him on as a worker or be forced to just wander after them, no real place to sleep or eat. Luckily enough, Roderick had made friends with one of the performers over the years, Sigmund the piper, who agreed readily enough once a liberal application of Roderick’s pastries and arguments had been invoked.

So Roderick set off with nothing more than his trusty spoon, his lute (for all gnomes know how to play the lute), Finnigan, and a hunger for … ADVENTURE!

Loot 9/2/09
Storm Tower/Goat Trouble

This is the loot recovered from Lethion’s sarcophagus:

  • 83GP each
  • gold skull (turned over to Captain Faringray)
  • Dwarven Armor +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 229 [Magic Armor]) – whoever takes this item must select what type of armor it is and that’s what it will be

This is the loot recovered by defeating the wolf pack and the sickly black dragon:

  • 129XP each
  • copper stump cap with engraved shape of hand (cap is similar in size and shape to the one pictured here, but engraved on the side is a rough hand shape:

stump cap

Lethion's Sarcophagus
Storm Tower

The Elven letters translate as follows: “Lord of battle and king of storms.” This phrase refers not to Lethion but to the god he worshiped: Kord. When a holy symbol of Kord touches the sarcophagus, or when a prayer to Kord is uttered while touching the sarcophagus, the magical seal is broken, and the lid can be pushed aside.

Within the sarcophagus are 500 gold pieces, dwarven armor +2 and a gold-plated human skull.

The gold-plated skull in Lethion’s sarcophagus contains the bound essence of a powerful demon. Any character who holds the skull can sense the evil trapped within it. However, evil creatures within 20 squares can hear it calling out to them for release.


The defeat of the Yellowskull bandits brings an end to the rain. Sunlight breaks through the gray clouds as the characters prepare to depart. Vanamere is at rest once more, and the characters are free to return to Fallcrest and claim their reward.

When you return to Fallcrest and fill on Faringray about what transpired, and the details of the golden skull, he locks it in a magic trunk hidden in his office. You learn from Captain Faringray that evil forces based in the Temple of Yellow Skulls are after this and other skulls lost over time and its existence had long been a rumor. For now, it’s safely locked away.

Roderick Tries another tack
Storm Tower

“Okay. While I believe we’re all enriched by that experience, and I wouldn’t do anything different if I had to do it over again. I see the lid is still firmly closed.”

Looking over the caskets (sarcophagi is too hard to spell repeatedly) again, something else strikes his fancy.

“Hey gang? What do we know about Correlon?”

Roderick Eyes a Statue
Storm Tower

Roderick runs his hands over the cool stone, feeling for seams or cracks in it’s impeccable facade. Staring into the lifeless eyes of ancient warriors, an idea springs to mind.

“What ho, fair fellows! Methinks we’ve seen these ghastly visages before. What say you, stalwart bear-man? What do you see with your Druidic eyes?”

With that, he races back to the previous room to look at the fallen statues.

Bonus XP

By the way, I keep forgetting that I owe you all some bonus XP for some extra curricular activities. So here it is:

Everyone gets a bonus 100XP.

Earn yourselves some more bonus XP and it shall be awarded thusly.

Inspecting the Sarcophagus...
Storm Tower

The sound of battle rings in your ears as the last of the Jeras’ undead creatures falls to your might. Jeras himself is now only a smoldering corpse, as the last few patches of lantern oil burns off. The only sound now is that of your fellow adventurers looting the corpses and the occasional blasts of fire from the volcanic vents in the burial chamber.

Moving up the stone steps at the head of the chamber, you examine the twin sarcophagi.

Vanamere’s Sarcophagus:

This sarcophagushas has a lid carved in the likeness of a female elf wizard wearing a robe and clutching a staff. Carved into the staff is the following, in Elven:

Master of magic and fey majesty

The phrase refers to the god Corellon. The lid is askew, exposing the empty interior.

Lethion’s Sarcophagus:

The lid of this sarcophagus is carved in the likeness of a male human fighter clad in plate armor and clutching a greatsword. The lid refuses to budge, and the sarcophagus seems impervious to harm. The following Elven script is carved into the blade of the stone sword:

Lord of battle and king of storms

It’s obvious that Lethion’s sarcophagus held Jeras’ attention as you and the party entered the room, but whatever treasures the final resting place of Lethion held were not his to claim. What will you do?

Loot 8/26/09

This is the loot recovered from Jeras Falck, the skeleton archers, and the zombie rotters:

  • 64GP each
  • 425XP each
  • Cincture of the Dragon Spirit (Adventurer’s Vault, page 165) – waist slot item
  • leather armor (x4)
  • longbow (x4)
  • arrows (x60)
  • short sword (x4)
  • robes
  • dagger
  • orb
  • golden skull mask (100GP)
Pictures from Betsy
Storm Tower

Pictures and more pictures from Betsy.


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