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The vault
Storm Tower

The iron doors part loudly, drawing you into a great vault illuminated by stone-rimmed wells of belching fire. At the far end of the vault, broad steps climb 15 feet to a platform supporting two stone sarcophagi and a pair of braziers. Statues of armored warriors stand at the base of the steps, to either side of which is a raised gallery 20 feet above the floor.

Zombie Yellowskull bandits stand silent in the vault, reeking of death. Behind them, at the top of the stairs, a human wearing a golden mask shaped like a skull limps forward, drawing a crimson orb from the folds of his black robe. His voice is hollow and hateful. “This tomb will be yours unless you leave, now.”

Skull Cauldron (skull-dron?)
Storm Tower

The centerpiece of this 20-foot-high room is a monstrous stone cauldron nearly 5 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter. Black, fetid tar fills the cauldron to the brim. Surrounding it are seven piles of goblin skulls. Each pile contains skulls painted a specific color.

Four statues depicting elf warriors and human warriors stand atop daises in the corners of the room. Fifteen-foot high iron doors stand closed to the south.

The cauldron belches, and suddenly two blackened corpses rise up out of the tar, their eyes filled with hate.

Tossing a black skull, a gold skull, and a purple skull into the cauldron causes the iron doors to open.

D&D Announcements

Thought you guys might be interested in this update on some big D&D releases coming in the next year or so. Enjoy!

Loot 8/12/09
Storm Tower

This is the loot recovered from defeating the cauldron corpses in the chamber with the big ol’ pot of necrotic filthy stew:

  • 133XP each
PVPOnline Comic
Too many games...

Vengeance is a dish...

Sneaking up on Dragons! Party finds a sleeping dragon & hoard. Lawfull stupid Palladin decides he must slay yon evil beast, of course he has to cross an underground stream first. QUIETLY he removes his armor and sword and tells others to throw his sword to him after he crosses. The Palladin crosses and signals for sword, the dragon is still asleep. DM: “Roll a d20 to throw the sword to him.” Player: (rolls a d20) “A One!” DM: “Crit fumble, you impale the palladin with his own sword.” DM (asking palladin): “You’re about to pass out, what do you do?” Palladin (cold bloodedly): “I scream.”

Character Portraits

Enjoy this link to the Wizards of the Coast character portrait archive.

i HEART Francis!

Here’s a bit of D&D funny…

Loot 7/29/08
Storm Tower

This is the loot recovered from Tregger, Lurash, Chomper and the Yellowskull Bandits in the main room and the trapped hallway:

  • 113GP each
  • 254XP each
  • Obsidian Steed (Adventurer’s Vault, page 182) – figurine of Wondrous Power
  • Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern (PHB2, page 211) – Wondrous Item
  • leather armor (x8)
  • maul
  • handaxes (x2)
  • short sword
  • poisoned scabbard (1 dose)
  • mace (x6)
  • crossbow (x6)
  • crossbow bolts (x20)
Storm Tower

The stone sarcophagi contain the skeletal remains of elf or human warriors who once defended the tower. Etched into the lid of each sarcophagus is the name of the warrior sealed within, written in Elven or Common. These fallen defenders are buried with their weapons and armor, and each wears a silver ring. There are eight rings in all.

Names of the dead:

Anasu Hardsword
Tyidasu Fellstar
Aduenu Oakdark
Ryalalis Crystallake
Aeral Elmwarden
Tyalasu Goodwalker
Aisrillo Beechgrass
Eudaidru Lonemaiden


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