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What Faringray Knows
Storm Tower

When questioned, Captain Faringray imparts the following information:

✦ Some months ago, Faren Markelhay, the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, hired a group of six dwarf stonemasons to rebuild a ruined tower to the west. Faringray was assigned to protect them.

✦ Faringray and his retinue of six well-trained guards accompanied the dwarves to the tower. Reconstruction efforts were underway and things were moving apace until Faringray was summoned back to Fallcrest to train new warriors for the town guard. He thought he was leaving the tower in capable hands, however.

✦ The day before yesterday, a group of brigands attacked the tower and overwhelmed the guards and masons. Only Sorik escaped. Some of the brigands were humans clad in leather armor, their faces painted to resemble yellow skulls. The rest were clearly undead skeletons.

✦ In generations past, the tower was key to the town’s defense, watching over the Cloak Wood to the north, the Witchlight Fens to the south, and the Ogrefist Hills farther west. Thirty-odd years ago, a legion of goblins and hill giants advanced from the Ogrefist Hills and attacked the tower, which had but one defender: a powerful elf wizard named Vanamere. No one knows what happened exactly, but when the battle was over, the giants were dead, the goblins were driven off, and Vanamere’s tower was destroyed.

✦ For years, Fallcrest lacked the funds and the incentive to rebuild the tower. However, the growing threat of monsters prompted its reconstruction.

✦ Although he’s not a skilled combatant, Sorik knows the fastest way to the tower and is willing to escort the characters there, provided they keep him out of harm’s way.

Faringray would prefer to return to the tower and clean up his own mess, but his orders are clear: He must remain in Fallcrest to complete the training of the new recruits. Therefore, he asks the characters to investigate the tower, look for survivors, and deal with the mysterious brigands.

Vanamere's Tower
Storm Tower

A pair of retired adventurers—an elf wizard named Vanamere and a human fighter named Lethion Goldenhawk—married and built this tower as a private residence, sinking a considerable amount of their accumulated wealth into the endeavor. Only later did the tower become important to the defense of Nentir Vale, and only after special agreements were reached with the owners.

When Lethion passed away, Vanamere placed his remains in a secret tomb carved out of the hill beneath the tower. With him she buried their remaining treasure, including magic items seized during their careers.

Goblins from the Ogrefist Hills and Witchlight Fens tried to overrun the tower on several occasions, but their attacks were rebuffed. Thirty-odd years ago, the goblins joined forces with a clan of ogres and a giant, and descended from the hills in force. They pounded the tower with rocks and broke through its defenses. Vanamere used a ritual to summon a mighty storm. When they breached the tower, a great bolt of lightning struck its peak, causing the tower to explode. Jagged shards of rock killed most of the invaders. The magical attack so frightened the remaining monsters that they fled back into the hills, never to return. What became of Vanamere, no one knows. According to legend, when the lightning struck, she became one with the tower and remains trapped within its ruined walls to this day.

The adventure begins...
Storm Tower

Thick curtains of rain fall outside, turning the streets to mud, and peals of thunder resound in the distance. Your evening’s rest comes to an abrupt end when a figure enters the inn and slams the door behind him. His shoddy cloak is drenched, and when he pulls back the cowl, you see that he’s a young tiefling boy. He nods to the innkeeper sheepishly, then slinks toward you. From within the folds of his cloak, he produces a dry, unsealed letter and hands it to you.

Good folk, I have heard tales of your heroism and wish to employ your services. Adventure awaits in the borderlands! The Lord Warden of Fallcrest has authorized me to pay well for your time and effort. If this offer intrigues you, look for me in the fields west of Fallcrest tomorrow morning. Simply take the western ferry across the river and walk to the outskirts of town. You will find me there. With respect and regards, Captain Nathan Faringray of the Fallcrest Guard

The next morning, you head west through the rain and fog. A short ferry ride brings you to the western shore of the river. You march along a muddy road past farmers’ dwellings until you see an open field of tilled earth and thicker mud. In the middle of the field scream a dozen militia recruits. They attack one another with wild abandon, swinging wooden swords and shields. Watching them with dismay is a cloaked man on horseback. Near him, standing in a puddle by the road, is a dour dwarf smoking a pipe. Rain pours off his wide-brimmed hat.

Storm Tower

The rain and fog make it hard to discern your surroundings. Sorik looks at you wearily. “We’re almost there,” he says, leading you up a gentle hill dotted with head-sized chunks of gray stone half embedded in the ground. You also see bones lying amid the grass and weeds.

Fog obscures your view of the hilltop, but as you ascend, you see a tower that has been reduced to a broken ring of mortared stone, punched through with gaping holes. It rises to a height of only 20 feet, its top resembling a jagged crown. The upper levels are gone, their remains scattered upon the hillside. Some large shrubs grow near the tower, and you also see a pair of drab tents and a smoldering campfire threatened by the rain.

Sullen men clad in leather armor, their faces painted to resemble yellow skulls, take aim with crossbows. Rain has streaked the paint on their faces. Near them stands a haggard dwarf, his hands tied behind his back. “Drop your weapons or the dwarf dies!” shouts one of the bandits. His voice is nearly drowned by a deafening peal of thunder.

Dropping stuff into holes...
Storm Tower

“Who built this place anyway?”

“Some elf wizard with a lot of money and time on her hands, apparently.”

“So, why we keepin’ the dwarves alive?”

“I dunno, maybe Falck thought they’d be more useful alive than undead.”

“Ain’t it obvious, you two? This place is partly collapsed. We might need ’em for diggin’.”

“This place gives me the creeps.”

“Don’t worry. As soon as Falck finds that skull, we’re outta here.”

Into the dungeon...
Storm Tower

The hole breaks through the ceiling of a 60-foot-square, dusty room with four large pillars. Directly beneath the hole is a mound of rubble. Two braziers illuminate the area and reveal three exits. A heap of supplies and several piles of skulls are on the chamber floor.

The walls are adorned with half-finished murals depicting great battles. Rickety, 10-foot-high wooden scaffolding clings to the north and south walls, directly below these murals.

Upon the floor and scaffolding stand several leather-clad figures with yellow skulls painted on their faces, as well as a device that looks like rusty iron jaws stained with blood.

Loot 7/15/09
Storm Tower

This is the loot recovered from Celk the shapeshifter and the Yellowskull Bandits guarding the entrance to the ruined tower:

  • 52GP each
  • 146XP each (your starting XP should be at level 3 which I believe is 2250)
  • Helm of the Stubborn Mind (Adventurer’s Vault p 143) – head slot item
Roderick van Nuessen's new poetry
R. V. Neussen

Lurash: Wanted
Storm Tower

Minor Quest: Before he joined the Yellowskulls, Lurash murdered a merchant in Winterhaven. A PC might recognize Lurash as a wanted man with a successful Streetwise check. If the characters capture him alive and haul him back to Fallcrest, the Lord Warden offers to release Lurash into their custody so that they can collect a bounty worth one treasure parcel. Payment requires that Lurash be delivered to Winterhaven alive.


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